Current Projects


Discovering how power grids succeed and fail.

The power grid is one of humanity’s most significant engineering undertakings and is essential in developed and developing nations alike. Currently, transparency into the power grid relies on utilities and more fine-grained insight is provided by costly smart meter deployments. We claim that greater visibility into power grids can be provided in an inexpensive, crowdsourced manner independent of utilities by leveraging existing smartphones. Read our first paper here and visit the lab site here.

Putting the IT in QuIT Smoking

Providing a complience mechanism for smoking cessation programs.

Cigarette smoking is responsible for millions of deaths, despite valiant individual efforts to quit. In response to these failed efforts, new programs have been proposed that would offer incentives for smokers to quit. Unfortunately, these programs suffer from dependence on unreliable, self-reported data to determine a participant’s compliance. We claim that information technology can offer a better compliance mechanism. Read a poster about this work here.


Klugman, N., Rosa, J., Pannuto, P., Podolsky, M., Huang, W., and Dutta, P. 2014. Grid watch: mapping blackouts with smart phones. In Proceedings of the 15th Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (HotMobile '14). ACM.

Meredith, S.E., Robinson, A., Erb, P., Spieler C.A., Klugman, N., Dutta. P., and Dallery, J. 2014. A Mobile-Phone-Based Breath Carbon Monoxide Meter to Detect Cigarette Smoking. Nicotine and Tobacco Research (2014) 16 (6): 766-73.

Talks and Posters

Putting the IT in QuIT Smoking

2014 UNESCO Tech4Dev International Conference : Poster

This poster presents work developing a low power carbon monoxide sensor to aid smoking cessation programs. Please view the poster here.

Guiding Lights – Using Slow Visible Light Communication to Display Localization Information

Terraswarm Localization Workshop : Poster

This poster describes the development of an software controlled ambient lighting testbed. Please view the poster here.

Bluetooth LE 4.0 and 4.1 (BLE)

Prabal Dutta Lab Meeting : Talk

Josh Adkins and I attempted to distil the Bluetooth 4.0 and 4.1 spec into an two hour talk which we gave to our research lab. Please view our slides here.

Grid Watch: Mapping Blackouts with Smart Phones

ACM Hotmobile 14 : Talk

I gave a presentation at HotMobile 14 describing our accepted paper at the conference. Please view my slides here.

Current Thoughts and Past Projects

Using BLE in IOS

A frustrating experience.

I have been playing around with Bluetooth Low Energy in both iOS 7 and 8 beta 5. Take the jump for a short write up of this experience.

Clustering Spatial Temporal Data Streams in Real Time

Some observations from the world of (sorta) Big Data.

Large scale a sensor projects (hopefully) return large amounts of real time data streams. Turns out these are hard to process. My first attempts are described here.

Using Hue Lights as a Notification Platform

Constructing a better bus alert system and a graduate student hamster wheel.

Along with Meghan Clark, I wrote an application that changes the color of the ambient lighting when a desired University of Michigan Bus is nearby. In addition, I wrote an application that lights the room based on a students typing speed. Both applications and some thoughts are yours to read about here.

OBD2 and Fuel Efficent Routing

Or why I spent 24 hours driving the same route once an hour.

Wouldn't it be great if one could choose a route to drive based on fuel efficiency? I became interested in exploring whether data from a cars OBD2 port could enable this system. My results are after the jump.

Consumer Enviromental Monitors

Some thoughts about the new wave of home environmental sensors.

I noticed that there are a number of consumer environmental monitors that have recently been released. I got access to some of them to play with. Here are some thoughts.